AMEA Registrar: From the Registrar

From the Registrar

Thanks to everyone for being prepared with your tickets for registration and check-in at the 2020 Alabama Music Educators Professional Development Conference! The process we are using now is very quick as long as you have pre-registered for the conference and joined/renewed your NAfME membership. Opening the check-in on Wednesday evening allowed us to get a head start. We checked in about 120 members that night which really helped. I encourage more members to take advantage of this if you arrive on Wednesday. We had 950 paid attendees for the conference. That is not a record, but that is a strong showing! Let’s increase next year’s attendance by inviting our members that did not attend this year. A special thank you to Dr. Carl Hancock for his help with the technology. This has really made a difference for our conference registration. Let me know of anything that you can think of that could help us make the process even better.

Pat Stegall, Registrar