ABA: We Are ABA and Together We Can Do Great Things!!

This year’s conference was outstanding with so many opportunities for professional development. Wednesday began with the ABA Executive planning meeting, the AMEA board and ABA board meetings to finalize the conference and planning for the future. Thank you to the bands who presented outstanding concerts: Mortimer Jordan High School – Craig Cagle, Pizitz Middle School – Kim Bain and Leah Seng, Wicksburg High School Symphonic Band, Lori Hart, Grissom High School Symphonic Band 1, Theo Vernon, James Clemens High School Percussion Ensemble, Keith Anderson, Albertville Middle School Advanced Band, Missy Lindley, and Nathan Haskew, Tuscaloosa County High School Wind Ensemble, Mike Guzman and Emily Gray, and the Troy University Symphony Band, Dr. Mark Walker. Many thanks to all the clinicians for sharing your wonderful talents. As you begin preparing for MPA consider applying to perform next year. We have great bands in this state at all levels. The deadline for this application is June 1.

As we have just finished district all-state auditions, we must learn from the process to benefit our students. For any ABA event, read the handbook on that section. The most recent edition can be found on myamea.org. I recently reread the handbook and still found things that I needed to know about how we do what we do. Make sure that you are informed so that you can be the best advocate for your student and so that you stay on top of deadlines and procedures that are in place that help us all operate in a professional manner.

MPA is our next big event for the association. Take a moment a look over the new stage and sight-reading sheets that will be utilized this year. The UIL sight-reading criteria are available on myamea.org site so that you can know what will be expected of your band in the sight-reading, we well as a guidelines page that helps guide you through the process used in the room. If you have any questions about the process, reach out to someone who has been through it and ask questions.

All-State and the All-State Solo Festival registration will begin on February 7 and close on March 1. Please make sure you read the directions. For the all-state festival please provide PARENT EMAILS for each student registered. Registration for these events is not complete until you print the invoice and mail the check to the executive secretary by the deadline.

This is your association. Let us all strive to make it better so that we can serve the students and the bands in our state better. We are ABA and together we CAN do great things!! See you at All- State!!