AMEA Registrar: From the Registrar

Registration for the January AMEA conference in Montgomery has just begun and I am sure many of you have already been doing your online registrations. Being pro-active is very important and your attention to getting registered for the conference is one of the ways you can speed up the process of getting your badges, etc. I encourage you to remind your colleagues to get their registration completed as soon as possible. Invite new music teachers and ask the inactive music teachers to join NAfME/AMEA and attend the conference. Our young teachers need your encouragement so tell them how important the conference is to you and ask them to be present!

Remember that a pre-requisite to registering for the conference is to join/renew NAfME at Joining NAfME secures your membership in AMEA and your division.

You can pre-register now for the 2020 in-service conference at You may also pre-register by mail using the form in the Ala Breve. Do it now and you will save time and money! Join me and your colleagues from all over the state in January at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center for our wonderful Alabama Music Educators Association Conference!

Pat Stegall, Registrar