AMEA Registrar: From the Registrar

From the Registrar

Are you ready for some social interaction with real live people? I am, too! Although I have enjoyed the time at home, and video conference lessons and meetings, I am longing for some real, face to face interaction. Hopefully that will come soon. I know you are missing your students, friends, colleagues, and family. I just want to go to my favorite restaurant and have a great steak! In the meantime, we must all be thinking about how the future will be impacted by this crisis. Rest assured, the AMEA board is continuing the plans for the 2021 AMEA Professional Development Conference in Montgomery.

I hope you have noticed how much better the registration process has become. Thanks to the work of the AMEA Board, Media Specialist-Dr. Carl Hancock, Mary Ann Stegall and all the registration crew that have made this streamlined process so easy. If you must register on-site we have a process for that. Just remember to do what you can online, ahead of the conference. That would include having your membership current, registering at the kiosks provided at the registration area before coming to the main desk, and having your payment method ready. Checks are easy to process at the desk, but online credit card payments must be made at one of the kiosks.

Remember to renew your membership in June. Also, as soon as the conference registration becomes available, register online! I look forward to serving you again, but I really look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Stay safe, stay healthy!