About the President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet was first established in 2014 to describe the collective appointments made by the sitting AMEA President. Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the AMEA President. AMEA members who are interested in serving on the President’s Cabinet are encouraged to contact the AMEA President at president@myamea.org.

HistorianFrank Buck2012-present
Research ChairJane Kuehne2012-present
Society for Research in Music Education, State Representative Jane Kuehne2012-present
Special Education ChairEllary Draper2014-present
Advanced Placement Theory ChairAmir Zaheri2014-present
Teacher Education ChairTed Hoffman2014-present
Membership ChairPat Stegall2015-present
Music In Our Schools ChairSarah McLendon2015-present
Society for Music Teacher Education, State RepresentativeEdward Hoffman2015-present
Wind Band Music ReviewerRandall Coleman2017-present
Ad-Hoc Marching Band Championship Committee ChairJason Smith2017-present
Diversity ChairJerell Horton2017-present
Technology ChairHal Murphy2017-present
Jazz Education ChairCraig Cagle2019-present
Choral Music ReviewerWilliam Powell2019-present
General Music ReviewsDeanna Bell2019-present
Jazz Music ReviewsMark Leder2019-present

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