Let them hear our voices…and instruments! It’s time again for the Alabama Music Teacher Census!

Dear Friends,

In 2011, the AMEA decided to carry out a census of music teachers to precisely know who is teaching music in Alabama. Now, several years later, we are ready to do it again and see how far we’ve come as a profession.

You will be asked questions about your credentials, experience, workload, and available resources. You will also be asked to evaluate the conditions of music education in your school. The survey should take 20 minutes to complete and is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer, but can be taken on a phone/tablet. If you begin the survey, plan to complete it in one sitting. All responses will be combined with those from other music teachers to create a comprehensive report about the music teacher workforce in Alabama. The census will officially close on November 1, 2019, just in time for us to compile the data and share it at the 2020 AMEA Conference.

To begin, click here and we’ll get started!

Thank you for taking the census and thank you for taking time to help us help you.

Garry Taylor, AMEA Executive Director
Greg Gumina, AMEA President
Carl B. Hancock, PhD, Lead Researcher
Edward “Ted” Hoffman III, PhD, Researcher
Russell Greene, Research Assistant
Brooke Mason, Research Assistant