Inaugural address to NAfME Collegiate Members

Josh MeyerGreetings Collegiate Members,

Summer break is upon us! I am sure you are all continuing your musical improvement while catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation. However, as we are enjoying our time off, I would like to quickly inform you of the exciting developments that are occurring within the Collegiate Division.

The first development you should be aware of is the induction of our new state officers! I will be succeeding Thad Walker as he takes on the role of Past-President, and Madison Baldwin will be moving from Treasurer to Vice President-Elect. New to the board are Brenton Nash and Latrice Green who will be serving as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Secondly, the board is currently in the process of recruiting additional higher education institutions to join NAfME. Glenn Nierman, NAfME’s National President and Board Chair, has put forth the objective of 100% participation of accredited institutions offering music education degrees. We intend to meet this goal and have already begun contacting some of the previously uninvolved schools throughout the state.

For those already involved with Collegiate NAfME, mark your calendars! I’m excited to announce that this year’s Collegiate Fall Summit will be held on October 9th in Tuscaloosa. It is going to be an amazing professional development event that will give everyone the chance to both grow as a pre-service educator and make valuable connections across the state.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that NAfME memberships expire in June. Be sure to renew as soon as possible so that you are ready to go when the semester starts back up!

I’m very excited to serve you as President and I look forward to the further growth and development of the Collegiate Division.

Joshua Meyer AMEA Collegiate Division President