HED: From the President!

Another semester full of students, private lessons, performing ensembles, and teaching schedules; it’s a new fall term and time to educate more aspiring music educators and performers. Best of all, the 2019 AMEA Professional Development Conference will be fast approaching. I can’t wait and I hope you’re looking forward to it too.

Once again, we will gather together in Birmingham and enjoy conference sessions, performances, and collegiate fellowship. The HED is excited about the variety of sessions including operetta, performance and intelligence, percussion and woodwind collaboration, EdTPA, addressing “isms” in the classrooms, and much more.

The poster session is also on our conference schedule and I am confident we will not be disappointed with the depth of scholarly research presented. For more information, visit http://amea-research.org.

Not to be missed is the HED recital that is always a high point during the conference because of the wonderful student and faculty vocal and instrumental performances. We hope many new and returning ensembles from across the state will grace the stage. Please contact me if you have a student ensemble that you would like to present or if you and fellow faculty would like to be included on the program.

Until we meet in Birmingham, may each of you have a successful semester as you teach and inspire your students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments at (mlanier@jeffersonstate.edu).

HED News!

Beck Halliday

As we approach the end of the 2017-2018 school year, I would like to wish the AMEA membership a happy summer. Many of the institutes of higher education offer professional development and summer programs to develop musicianship in people of all ages. I hope you will visit the websites of our Alabama colleges and universities to see if you and your students can benefit from these opportunities.

The Higher Education Division continues to grow and develop as we strengthen our collaboration with the Collegiate Division. Our combined mixer and the HED recitals at the AMEA conferences have given faculty and students opportunities to interact in a variety of settings. In addition, our membership throughout the state continues to grow as more faculty members see the benefits of joining our organization. During my time as President, I have enjoyed working with the HED and the AMEA Executive Council, and I look forward to supporting the vision of the incoming officers: Mildred Lanier, President; Katrina Phillips, President-Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer Michael Zelenak.

HED News!

Beck Halliday

Thank you all for contributing to a great conference at our new location in Birmingham! This event is always energizing and informative, and this year was no exception. The HED invited presenters from across the state, most of whom were able to come despite the icy weather to the south. In those sessions, we gained insight into topics such as EdTPA, non-traditional pedagogy, Universal Design, the 2017 Alabama Course of Studies, and social media marketing. Our music teacher educator roundtable highlighted topics related to the Praxis exams, the new Alabama Course of Studies, and culturally responsive pedagogy. In addition, the HED recital featured students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Montevallo. At the HED luncheon, we elected a new slate of officers: Mildred Lanier, President; Michael Zelenak, Secretary/Treasurer; and Katrina Phillips, President-Elect. In addition, the HED and the Collegiate Division hosted a combined mixture for the second year, allowing students and faculty the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed setting. Moving forward, we hope that this collaboration between divisions will continue to grow as we explore our concurrent interests. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about the happenings of the Higher Education Division. With that said, I wish you a wonderful spring semester!

HED: See you in January!

Beck Halliday

Greetings and welcome back to a new school year! We are very excited about the 2018 Professional Development Conference to be held at our new venue in Birmingham January 18-20. Information about the Sheraton Hotel can be found on the AMEA website and I encourage you to book rooms sooner than later. Not only is this more convenient as a conference attendee, but it is anticipated that construction in the downtown Birmingham area will cause heavier traffic than usual, so staying in the conference hotel will be to your advantage.

We have a wonderful lineup of presenters, including sessions by Michael Zelenak (EdTPA), Becky Halliday (2017 Alabama Course of Studies), Ted Hoffman (Music Teacher Education Roundtable), Jamila McWhirter (Mentoring), Shane Colquhoun (Secondary General Music), Ellary Draper (Universal Design), Cameron Weatherford (Choral Leadership), Sean Murray (New Media), and Joe Brashier (International Band Music).

The HED luncheon will again be held on Thursday, at which time we will elect new officers for the positions of President-Elect and Secretary Treasurer. I hope you will consider filling these important roles within the HED Executive Council. You will receive an Evite through which you can RSVP.

This year, we are inviting collegiate soloists and chamber groups to perform in our Higher Education Division recital, also on Thursday. I ask that you contact me by December 15 with names, repertoire, timings, and any other specific needs. We will not have an accompanist available so please make arrangements accordingly. That evening, we will have an opportunity to socialize with our students in a more relaxed setting at our combined mixer.

I look forward to seeing you all in January and I hope you have a wonderful fall semester!

HED: Greetings, and welcome back to a new school year!

Beck Halliday

As we begin our fall semester, there are a few items to address in preparation for the 2018 conference in Birmingham.

The HED recital this year will feature student chamber ensembles (vocal or instrumental), so please let me know if you have a group that would like to perform. We would love to have a diverse program that represents institutions from across Alabama.

Each year, the AMEA Professional Development  Conference offers a poster session for students and faculty who are engaging in innovative and rigorous studies toward the advancement of music education locally, nationally, and globally. This session gives faculty members an opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the state that may have similar research interests. The deadline for submitting a poster is Monday, November 6, 2017 by 11:59 p.m. CST. More information can be found here: http://amea-research.org.

The 2017 revision to the Alabama Course of Studies for Arts Education is complete and will be highlighted this year at the conference. In lieu of a panel discussion, the HED will host a presentation about the conception, framework, and format of the new CoS. We will also feature sessions regarding EdTPA, choral leadership, Universal Design, mentoring, and international band music. A music teacher educator roundtable discussion will give HED members an opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to supporting pre-service music teachers.

I wish you much success as you return to your classrooms. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments (ahalliday@montevallo.edu). I look forward to seeing you in Birmingham!

HED: Workshops, clinics, and camps!

Beck Halliday

This year, one goal of the HED has been to foster robust and productive relationships between Alabama’s colleges and universities. These connections can create opportunities for music departments to support each other’s endeavors outside of our annual conference. With this in mind, I would like to use this column to highlight summer events that are offered across the state. These workshops, clinics, and camps show a deep commitment to fostering musical growth and best teaching practices. Below is a list of such events, with dates and contact information.

Alabama State University
• Middle School Music Skills Camp, June 26-29 Dr. Katrina Phillips, krphillips@alasu.edu, www.alasu.edu/msmc

Auburn University
• Percussion and Auxiliary Camps – June 8-10
• High School Symphonic Band Camp – June
• Marching Leadership Camp – June 19-22
• Middle School Symphonic Band Camp – June
Joshua Wine, AUSummerBandCamps@gmail.com, http://www.auburn.edu/student_info/auband/event/s ummer_camps/index.htm

Huntingdon College
• Spirit Camp, June 13-17
Eddy Williams, ewilliams@hawks.huntingdon.edu, www.spiritcamp.com
Samford University
• Orff Schulwerk certification levels, June 19-30 Susanne Burgess, sburges1@samford.edu

University of Alabama
University of Alabama Crimson Leadership Institute
• Band Booster Institute, June 11
• Crimson Student Leadership Camp, June 12-13 • Crimson Music Camp – Concert Band (Middle
School and High School), Colorguard and
Majorettes. June 14-17
Randall Coleman, rocoleman@ua.edu
University of Alabama Community Music School
• Adult Strings Weekend, ages 20 +, August 25- 27
• Private Lessons, variable day/times: June & July • Summer String Camp (middle/high school):
June 19- 23, 2017
• Children’s Musical Camp: July 17 – 28, 2017 • Adult Strings Class, Tuesdays, May 30 – June
• Kindermusik Classes, variable times: May 30-
June 27
Dr. Jane Weigel, jweigel@music.ua.edu; Dr. Anne Witt, acwitt@ua.edu, www.cms.music.ua.edu

University of Montevall
• Young Musicians’ Camp, June 18-23
Ted Hoffman, ehoffman@montevallo.edu
• Kodály Certification Program, July 10 – 21 Becky Halliday, ahalliday@montevallo.edu
University of Montevallo Community School of Music
• Private instrumental and vocal lessons
Pamela Smith, umcsm@montevallo.edu

University of North Alabama:
• Sounds of Summer Percussion Camp, June 8-9 Tracy Wiggins twiggins@una.edu
• Edsel Holden presents “What a Wonderful
World,” June 11, 2 p.m.
• Marching Band Leadership Symposium, June
Lloyd Jones lejones@una.edu

University of South Alabama:
• Arts in Education professional development:
Grades K-3: June 12-15, Sept. 9, Oct. 28;
Grades 4-6: June 26-29, Oct. 14, Nov. 11 Jeannette Fresne, jfresne@southalabama.edu

Another goal of the HED has been to support our Collegiate Division, as we have many mutual interests. The Collegiate Summit that is held each fall offers a good opportunity for faculty and students to interact, so please mark your calendar when that date is set. The upcoming statewide implementation of edTPA may pose a challenge for faculty and students alike, and a strong relationship across our divisions should prove valuable as we navigate this new program.

I look forward to seeing you all in Birmingham for the 2018 conference. Remember that the submission deadline for session proposals is June 1. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments.

Thank you for all that you do for music education in Alabama, and have a wonderful summer!

HED: Congratulations! From the Higher Education Division President

Beck Halliday

Congratulations to all who contributed to the 2017 AMEA Professional Development Conference. This event is always energizing and informative and this year was no exception. The HED hosted clinicians whose topics included advocacy, copyright, web-based instruction, arts integration, inclusivity, video game music, and EdTPA. In addition, our panel discussion included accomplished pianists who work in tandem with students and applied faculty. We would like to thank panelists from Alabama State University: Dr. Adonis Gonzalez (piano faculty), Dr. Katrina Phillips (clarinet faculty), Terrance Brown (voice faculty), Zabriel Rivers (voice student), and Devin Gavin (clarinet student). From the University of Montevallo, we were joined by Dr. Laurie Middaugh (piano instructor), Dr. Joseph Ardovino (trumpet faculty), and Sam Ardovino (trumpet student). These panelists performed on the HED recital later that afternoon.

In addition, the HED and the Collegiate Division hosted a combined mixer that was well attended by both students and faculty. We look forward to future collaborative efforts to explore mutual interests between divisions, particularly as EdTPA approaches. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

I wish you a wonderful spring semester!

HED: October 2016 issue From the Higher Education Division President

Beck HallidayGreetings! I hope your semester has gotten off to a smooth start. January may seem far off, but be assured that the AMEA has been hard at work preparing an exciting professional development conference for its membership. The Higher Education Division looks forward to welcoming presenters from across the region who will be speaking on an eclectic mix of topics, including advocacy (Dr. Rob Lyda, Auburn), conducting practices (Dr. Blake Richardson, University of Alabama), copyright (Barry Morgan, Cobb County, GA), web content (Dr. Jane Keuhne, Auburn University), collaboration (Dr. Becky Halliday, University of Montevallo), EdTPA (Dr. Nancy Berry, Auburn University), and video game music (Dr. Mark Laughlin, Georgia Southwestern State University). Mildred Lanier (President-Elect), Katrina Phillips (Secretary-Treasurer), and I were fortunate to review the applicants for these sessions, and we feel that these presenters demonstrate a great deal of experience and expertise that will enlighten and engage our membership.

The HED luncheon will take place on Thursday. This is a good opportunity not only to address divisional business, but also for intercollegiate fellowship. If the need arises, I am happy to add items to our meeting agenda. That evening, the Collegiate Division will join us for a combined mixer, giving faculty and students a venue for conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, the HED will host a panel discussion featuring studio teachers, students, and accompanists who will share the process of performance preparation. The session title is I’ll follow you: The role of the accompanist in collaborative playing, and it is scheduled for Thursday, January 19 at 2:15. This session will focus on the interaction between applied faculty, student, and accompanist in performance preparation. Topics may include selection of music, rehearsal techniques, communication, and other aspects of accompanying that may maximize successful performances. These panelists will then perform on the Higher Education Division Recital at 4:30 that afternoon.

As always, I look forward to the excitement and rejuvenation brought by the AMEA Professional Development Conference. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to reserve your spot at the luncheon, or if you have questions, comments, or suggestions: hed_president@myamea.org

HED: Greetings, and welcome back to a new school year!

Beck HallidayGreetings, and welcome back to a new school year! As I begin my time as President of the Higher Education Division, I would first like to take this opportunity to recognize the contributions of Dr. Jim Zingara. Under his leadership, faculty members from across the state have been engaged in forward-thinking dialogue toward the advancement of music education through AMEA. Alongside President-Elect Mildred Lanier (Jefferson State Community College) and Secretary-Treasurer Katrina Phillips (Alabama State University), I hope to continue strengthening the HED membership through communities of scholarship, productive and engaging conference sessions, and in collaboration with the Collegiate Division.
Each year, the AMEA In-Service Conference offers a poster session for students and faculty who are engaging in innovative and rigorous studies toward the advancement of music education locally, nationally, and globally. The deadline for submitting a poster is Monday, November 7, 2016 by 11:59 p.m. CST. More information can be found here:
http://www.alabamamea.org/ conference/ 2017-AMEA-Research-Call.pdf. This session gives faculty members an opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the state that may have similar research interests.

This January at the AMEA In-Service Conference, the HED will feature a panel session titled I’ll Follow You: The role of the accompanist in collaborative playing. This interactive session will focus on the collaboration between applied faculty, student, and accompanist in performance preparation. Topics for discussion may include selection of music, rehearsal techniques, communication, and other aspects of accompanying that may maximize successful performances. Immediately following this session, the Higher Education Division Recital will feature the panelists, who will perform the music discussed in the session.

As the coming years bring change to the teacher certification process in the state of Alabama, it is important for teacher education programs to prepare for the challenges of EdTPA. By working with the Collegiate Division to face this challenge, students and faculty can support each other in their analogous roles.

I hope that the coming school year brings much success, as our university programs prepare students for their future music classrooms. Please contact me with any questions or comments (ahalliday@montevallo.edu). I look forward to working with you!

Farewell from HED President Zingara

Jim ZingaraAs I leave this office, I would like to share a few thoughts regarding the importance of an organization such as AMEA to those of us who work in higher education. Participation and recruitment to HED has been the emphasis of this term, and in partnership with Mildred Lanier and Becky Halliday, I have tried to increase awareness and membership through new conference activities such as the President’s Panel Discussion and the Student Ensemble Showcase Recital. I believe that these are a start, but there are many other reasons to be involved with AMEA as a higher education professional:

Recruitment of students is a large part of what we do in higher education. Membership in AMEA not only helps in this area by allowing us to network with active and motivated middle and high school directors, but will also allow us to have access to mailing lists which we can use to promote events available for them and their students.

Professional development and creative activity is a big portion of the tenure/promotion process, and the annual AMEA Conference provides many opportunities through holding office as well as participation in conference sessions, panel discussions, and recitals.

Membership in HED helps create a support network of people with similar backgrounds and situations in which to discuss issues endemic to Higher Education including promotion/tenure, the future of college music programs, recruitment/ retention, dealing with budgetary constraints, and our individual roles and futures in an ever-increasing online teaching environment.

Developing a support network to address problems in the workplace. If there are individuals who have the unfortunate happenstance to experience academic bullying and/or negative departmental politics, there may colleagues from other institutions that can offer advice and support without the fear of in-house reprisal.

Developing a unified group to speak for Higher Education music programs in the current political climate of budget and program slashing. With the recent examples of draconian higher education cuts in such states as Wisconsin and Louisiana, members of the higher education community will need to justify and sell their programs in a much more emphatic way than ever before. Unity of institutions can provide strength of message to political and academic entities.

Begin dialogues and share ideas between programs from various institutions. Great ideas are often an amalgamation of shared visions. HED can provide a “think tank” to nurture and hone ideas.

To eventually expand HED to preside over independent activities and sessions other than the annual conference. This will not only provide additional opportunities for professional growth and development, but will further strengthen HED as a Division and voice in the state.

If you are already a member, please renew in the coming year. If you are not a member, I encourage you to join a growing group of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals throughout the state. In closing, I would like to extend to the current HED Team of Becky Halliday (President), Mildred Lanier (President-Elect), and Katrina Phillips (Secretary-Treasurer), all my best wishes in their continued endeavors to grow and expand the Higher Education Division.